Find Out What Our Toolbox Can Bring To Your Business

Statistical Consulting, Business and Data Analysis

At The Clever Stuff we have a wealth of experience carrying out statistical consulting and data analysis for clients based in Australia and overseas. The level of service we provide our clients, our competitive rates and fast turn-around all contribute to make us the ideal business partner.

Marketing Science and Market Research

Marketing science is mixture of marketing, market research methods, management science, economic theory and statistical techniques. These disciplines characterise The Clever Stuff’s expertise. We are able to use a wide range of marketing science approaches to help our clients find answers to challenging marketing and business problems.

Decision Support Systems

The Clever Stuff specialise in building interactive Decision Support Systems (DSS) to help marketers go beyond traditional reporting and bring the data and analysis to life. The DSS enables our clients to interrogate the data, evaluate business strategies and test “what-if” scenarios.